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The Figure Revealed

February 12th, 2015

The Figure Revealed

The Figure Revealed
A Sierra Art Trails Special Exhibit
February 7 through March 8, 2015
Gala Reception, Valentine's Day, Feb 14th - 4 to 8 PM at Stellar Gallery

“The Figure Revealed" is a juried exhibit that celebrates the human figure in art, including but not limited to portraiture, documentary, genre scenes, historical or fantastic subjects, nudes, body art, the figure in landscape, and abstraction.   

The representation of the human figure is as old as art itself.  Since pre-historic times the figure has been represented by carvers, sculptors, and painters striving to express and share the human experience through the representation of the human figure.

Paleolithic "Venus" figures are some of the earliest representations of the human form. Their purpose is unknown, but many believe they are fertility totems or representations of a fertility goddess. Others believe they are portraits or self portraits of women.

For thousands of...